The last day of the year

Luckily I remembered to have enough wood to start the stove this morning. It is 27 degrees outside at the moment with 97% humidity, so it really feels cold, but…..the sun is shining! I thought that I had overslept this morning because it was so light at 7:15. It is amazing the difference in light here between a cloudy sunrise and a clear sunrise. It’s like the difference between night and day. Ha!
Yesterday was cold and sunny too and I spent the morning stacking the firewood I split the day before. I had split so much I was too pooped to stack it. This is a good workout when the weather is crisp and cold. I can huff and puff and not get too hot working hard. Usually this is a project that I do earlier in the fall, but this year we had to purchase wood as there were no trees down to cut up. Usually storms fell a few trees each year which we cut up for firewood, but we were lucky to have no blown down trees, but it meant either taking one down or buying some wood from a woodcutter. Since we are using a wood cookstove I have to split the wood to a smallish size for it to fit easily into the firebox which is small.
I still have a small amount of rounds to split and I will be finished for the year. Then when the rain comes again, I will start weeding out the buttercups that invade all my flower beds. They are much easier to weed out in the wintertime as they are just about the only thing up in the flower beds. I worked on them last week and noticed that the crazy bulbs are starting to emerge. They are not above ground yet, so they are easy to slice off accidently. Now I am being more watchful for them.
Weeding in winter is a muddy job and I usually come in with my knees wet and covered with mud, but I have a nice warm house from all the wood I chopped. I think the rainy days feel colder than these frosty days, although today with the high humidity, it’s a tossup.
Tomorrow is the new year. I need to resolve to get organized. It’s not that I am not organized as I know where to find everything when I need it, but that it is such a mess. If I straighten the mess then I can’t find anything. I have to tell myself three or four times to “remember you put it there.” I am also on a binge to divest myself of a lot of things I don’t use. Of course, the minute you get rid of it, you need it. We’ll see how that goes.
May your New Year be peaceful and fulfilling.