Seeking the Sun

email Arches national park 1

After months of heavy rain, heavy for even Northwest Washington, my husband decided he wanted to find sunshine for my spring break.  We would head south in our travel trailer for two weeks.

I need to explain that this winter has given us a lot of rain.  On Whidbey, our annual rainfall on the south end is about seventeen inches.  By the end of March this year we had accumulated 12.93 inches.  This is two thirds of our annual in only the first quarter of the year.

So we packed up and headed for Moab, Utah to see some rocks.  We checked the weather to see what it was like there and learned that the daytime temperatures were in the low seventies.  OK. It is warmer and drier than Western Washington.  The first day out was a pleasant trip weather-wise.  Second day it rained and the third day it was snowing pretty hard.

At this stage of the trip we are supposed to cross a mountain pass, Soldier Summit, which is over 7200 feet high.  We backed off and spent the night at a campground on the west side of the pass in Springville, Utah.  We searched for alternate routes to Moab, but the next one south was an even higher pass.  We finally decided to go across even though we could not get pass report information from the State Department of Transportation or the campground hosts.

There was no snow on the pass though we had had a heavy snow that morning just before we left.  We had no snow on the roads all the way from Springville to Moab.  Only Springville and Salt Lake had snow.

Well we are in Moab and the nights are freezing, not unusual as it is over 4000 feet high.  Went to Arches National Park for the day and took lots of photos.   Cool and breezy, but not uncomfortable.  Found an overlook that looked across the tops of the ridges to eat a picnic lunch that had brought with us. Got it all set out, still wearing jackets.  Noticed a squall in the distance.  Sure enough, while we were eating lunch, it started to snow.  We just sat there and ate.  The air temperature was 41 degrees and it was snowing.

Days since then have been a little warmer, but still with frost at nights.  The interesting thing about the whole trip is the temperatures have been in the mid-seventies at home the whole time we have been gone.  I guess it is just gorgeous, and our friends emailing from home are reminding us in every letter they send.  So much for going south to seek the sun.

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