Are you out there?

email Under 18,000 gross_edited-1Hi:  If you are out there and reading my posts.  Please let me know.  Sometimes it seems as though no one is out there.  Although one friend told me she didn’t mark hers as read so it wouldn’t show up. I have been having trouble with my server putting your likes and comments into the junk mail, but hopefully that has now been rectified.  Let me know if you are out there and if you are reading all the posts.  Do some strike your fancy more than others.  What topics would you like to hear more about?



13 thoughts on “Are you out there?

  1. Yes, I am here, and I have read just about all of your posts and enjoyed them. I will try to comment more often. Thanks for the interesting topics. Do you make pasta? I’d like to hear about that! 😋 Libby

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  2. Deon, I love reading your posts. They’re about real life are very relatable (maybe not an actual word but it should be). I “get” your musings; they keep me feeling comfortable and at home in my world. Thanks!


  3. Deon – I don’t always comment but I read every post and love them all!! I have never liked ravioli, but your recent pasta post makes me almost want to buy a pasta maker and try…..


  4. Really enjoy reading your stories–especially how you learned so many skills at such a young age and spent years perfecting them. And you still enjoy doing them! Keeps life interesting…


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