Blackberry Season



Yeah! It is blackberry season.  Two weeks earlier than usual and at sunset a couple of nights ago, my husband and I went for a walk and picked enough for breakfast.

I probably should explain, for those of you who don’t live in Western Washington, that we have an abundance of terrible bramble patches that produce blackberries.  We have three kinds and for the most part we consider them a blight.  The state considers them invasive species.

The smallest come in June and early July.  These creep along the ground and have VERY small berries which are a delight to eat and virtually seedless.  However, it will take hours to pick enough for a pie as they are so tiny.  I snack on these while working on the garden.  Beware though, these little ankle-biters can do major damage to your ankles.  Knee high rubber boots are best for wondering where this species grows.  They tend to invade the flower beds and grab at your sleeves and wrists while weeding.  The tiny briars are just about impossible to see for removal.

Generally, in August we are blessed with a larger, seedier berry that is truly the blackberry season.  These giant briar patches can totally encompass a house or outbuilding, automobiles, small children, if they stand still for any period of time.  They can scratch the paint off your car. They are real tigers but worth the effort.  They make great seedless jam and blintzes.

Though these are seedy, they are juicy and fragrant and this is what my husband and I were picking.  Blintzes for breakfast! What a treat. We were in heaven.  I used montrechevre goat cheese (any soft cheese will work like chevre or even cream cheese) with a little sugar, vanilla and orange bitters for the innards.  Wrapped this in a crepe.  Heated until just warm.

I took about a cup and a half of fresh blackberries and added water, cornstarch and sugar.  Simmered until hot and thickened, but not until the berries fell apart. Poured it over the warmed blintzes and we had a superb breakfast.

If you are half asleep in the morning, you can make crepes and keep them at ready in the freezer separated by waxed paper.  Thaw and prepare.

I know, it sounds like a lot of work for a meal most of you don’t eat, but this took fifteen minutes including making the crepes, but not counting the berry picking time.  You may substitute blueberries, strawberries, even rhubarb compote for the blackberries at other times of the year. Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Blackberry Season

  1. I’ll be right over~blintzes for breakfast!  🙂   I have the seedless vines in my garden….no reward for the scratches. We will be having 92 degree plus weather the next few days…..too hot to garden or do anything else.  It is your kind of weather……the evenings are nice though. All is well here~ hope to get to the ocean beaches for the day in August….or September when school resumes.  Are you going to the Kite Festival in August? Take care~ ~ Fran ~

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  2. I have blackberry vines in my backyard (the part that faces the ocean) but they are vines only without any accompanying berries. At least once a year I gear up and sally forth to cut them out at the ground since i choose not to have tangles of brambles in my yard. I am not averse to picking blackberries in the fields; I love blackberry pie and blackberry crumble. I will have to try the crepes!!
    My mother allowed the blackberry vines to grow on the deck over the garage so they were easy to gather then (though hard on the garage…)


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