Summer Showers (The Perseid Meteor Showers)

sleeping outNote the chiminea for firelight and the water feature for a nice, restful water sound.

Summer Showers (The Perseid Meteor Showers)

As you may have gatherer from my previous missals, we are not having a very great summer.  We have had cool, rainy days even in August.  But, wonder of wonders, we have had a few hot days just recently.  This means it is time to pull out the outdoor sleeping arrangements.  For us it is an old futon frame, an air mattress and usually mosquito netting.

The nighttime temperatures this past week have been in the mid sixties and this is great for sleeping out.  So last night we slept out.  There was a particular motivation for doing this.  It is one of the several nights that the Perseid Meteor Showers are visible in our area.

It was about 72 degrees outside at ten when we packed up and went to sleep on the patio.  Very comfortable to be sleeping out with a light quilt.  We took an extra quilt just in case. We didn’t have our mosquito netting because it has seen better days and needs to be replaced.  No Zika yet in our area.

Instead of the netting, I opted for three small citronella candles in terra cotta flower pots to keep them safe. The smudge to keeps the blood-thirsty buggers at bay.  It worked and created a great ambience for falling asleep without too much light interference to see the stars.

Moths were attracted to the light of the candles and were flitting around over our heads in the dim light.  I commented on that.  Then suddenly other critters arrived.  Yes, the bats. These are very effective at controlling the mosquitoes.  When night falls, bats take over. A nursing female little brown bat (Myotis lucifugus) may consume her body weight in insects each night during the summer. They were circling overhead until I blew out all but one of the candles.  Three candles were keeping us awake.  One candle was enough smudge and the moths were no longer attracted.

We live in peace with the bats here and see them often in the late dusk.  Many folks mistakenly identify them as late hunting swallows as their flight patterns are similar.  We don’t correct them because many feel negatively toward bats.  There is nothing to fear with these small animals.  They are beneficial.

I did manage to see on meteor blip across the sky momentarily, before finally took my glasses off and went to sleep.

It was a pretty sleepless night;  the excitement of sleeping outside,  the waking and searching the sky yet again to see meteors, the dog stealing the covers.  All made for a wakeful night.

By early morning I reached for the extra quilt, firstly because my husband and the dog had most of the covers and, secondly, because I was cold. We got up about 7:30 to a bright clear day.  We both had finally fallen sound asleep in the wee hours to wake to daylight. I commented that I had been chilly and that it was a little more “refreshing” than we had expected consider the heat of yesterday.

When I came in the house, I checked the temperature and it was 54 degrees outside.  No wonder we were cold.  When it is this temperature in the fall and we are sleeping out, I bring out the down quilt, not the thin one I used on the bed last night! Tonight we will be prepared, and maybe we might just see meteors.

2 thoughts on “Summer Showers (The Perseid Meteor Showers)

  1. For the reasons you mentioned pertaining to night time wildlife noises keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep is why Bill and I don’t sleep outside any longer. Living on the island with all the wildlife noises (and nocturnal bugs) is too much for my imagination! But we do sort of sleep outdoors while camping in our trailer but I guess that doesn’t count. I enjoyed reading about your “outdoor” experience.


  2. Hi, I am enjoying the cooler summer but then it hasn’t been all that cool here or wet.  Last week the 90s and more this week.  My garden did see a little rain last week but very little. I was taken to the hospital last week and had to stay for a few days.  Once again on the very low salt diet.Bill had just taken me out for Chinese dinner and that was the beginning…….My heart muscle is getting weaker and weaker as time passes…..pleased I can do as much as I can so no complaints. I continue to surprise the doctors. I love your blue quilt…perfect colors!  May you and Bob have many more (warmer) nights under the stars. ~ Fran ~

    From: deonmatzen To: Sent: Sunday, August 14, 2016 9:44 AM Subject: [New post] Summer Showers (The Perseid Meteor Showers) #yiv5682188247 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv5682188247 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv5682188247 a.yiv5682188247primaryactionlink:link, #yiv5682188247 a.yiv5682188247primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv5682188247 a.yiv5682188247primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv5682188247 a.yiv5682188247primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv5682188247 | deonmatzen posted: “Note the chiminea for firelight and the water feature for a nice, restful water sound.Summer Showers (The Perseid Meteor Showers)As you may have gatherer from my previous missals, we are not having a very great summer.  We have had cool, rainy days ev” | |


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