Things that should be private

(note that this is a rant and slightly off color)(there will be no photos)

I guess I am old fashioned or maybe just stuffy, but why does half the female population in our part of the country need to show me their breasts?  I go to the drive in espresso window to purchase a latte—I live in Western Washington, obviously—and the barista makes my drink.  Since the stand’s window is a little above the window of my car, she bends over to give me my drink and show me her breasts, stomach and all the way to her belly button.  She may as well be bending over me naked.  We live in a cold climate and it is easy to tell that she is cold too, if you know what I mean. TOO MUCH INFORMATION.

It isn’t just baristas either.  I have seen eighty year old women with their wrinkled cleavage clearly on display, desiccated, overcooked and wrinkled.  What are they trying to advertise?  That they have a body that is definitely over the hill?  I think we should be proud of our bodies, no matter what age, but to whom are we advertising?

Whatever happened to stylish clothing?  Is the slutty look de rigueur today? Not only are clothes made poorly, thin and of cheap materials that don’t hold up, but every neckline is revealing, some even when standing perfectly straight.  Bending over tells all. Has good taste become a thing of the past? What happened to the air of mystery?

I continue to wear the same clothes I have had for eons, just because they are well made and don’t reveal my belly button and everything else through the neckline.  I can bend over comfortably without my personal en-tities on display.  This includes the crack that appears above the beltline on the backside.

Cracks, do we feel we need to reveal them to be popular?  It’s not just men bending over to choose something in the grocery and revealing their cracks and hairy butts, but many women as well, for instance, the one walking down the street ahead of me in leggings that barely covered other private parts, but definitely revealed her butt crack, her waistline bulging over the waistband.  I couldn’t stand the view, so I moved to the opposite side of the street.  Either she had never seen herself from the back or she was trying to tell the world something, though I am not sure what.

Recently a gentleman got out of his low slung car at the grocery and his low slung pants fell to the paving when he stood.  He just reached down and pulled them back up into their low slung position.  Give me a break.  He can’t keep his pants on even in the grocery store parking lot?  I found it hilarious.  Didn’t seem to faze him a bit.  Maybe he does it for entertainment value rather than as a fashion statement?

Well so much for the soapbox.  I will step down now.  Hopefully you will find this wanton display as preposterous as I do.  Just had to get it out.

5 thoughts on “Things that should be private

  1. Deon – I totally agree. I really do not understand why everyone needs to expose their body parts and their underwear. I understand how it happened that society has come to be okay with that – just look at day time TV and the commercials we are bombarded with constantly. In the days when I was very young, they could not show married adults in anything but twin beds, now meaningless sex among consenting and adulterous people are commonplace, not major plot points. It’s all of a piece….


    1. Deon and Donna Sue –I agree with both of you. Being comfortable with our bodies–like the Africans in my childhood were–is one thing. This does not feel remotely like that. Your point about ‘advertising’ hits the mark for me, Deon! Very different from just being relaxed in your own flesh, as the Africans were, half naked or not, nursing babies etc. They were advertising nothing, just calmly doing what was naturally done, and it was not in the least about anything sexual. Sexuality, in some tribes, was seen not only as something a married couple did in private, but as something they did for the whole community, not just for their own pleasure but for something larger than themselves–for welcoming a new addition to the tribe, for helping someone ‘return’. What a difference now in our culture! As you say, all the mystery (and wonder and awe), around a lot of life actually . . . pretty much gone. In my opinion we should ban commercials of all kinds and also most of what’s on TV! I could start on a lengthy rant about all that . . . Thanks for yours!


  2. Deon, I love how you out this together with terrific thoughts that are exactly what I think when viewing someone else’s private areas. It’s like listening to some one blasting their ‘boom’ box so loud.with ugly music while waiting line in the ferry. Not everyone enjoys their music or visual effects.


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