An Inspired Breakfast?


An Inspired Breakfast?

Sometimes you get inspired to do something silly like make an extravagant breakfast.  This happened this morning.  I had purchased a bag of nice, sweet red peppers.  I had a can of homemade marinara in the refrigerator.  The pullets have started laying eggs, so I could be generous with eggs.  Why not make something special, although it was the middle of the week and not Sunday brunch.

I started by chopping the top off of the red pepper and microwaving it until it started to get soft.  I had supported this in a custard cup as I was afraid the whole thing would fall apart before it reached the table.  I think, when it was all completed, that it probably would have supported itself.

Next I put some sharp cheese in the bottom of the pepper.  I partially cooked some of our homemade pork sausage, about a tablespoon per pepper.  Next crack in a fresh egg.  This was topped with more cheese and homemade marinara.  Just a sprinkle of parmesan cheese and popped did continue to cook while it sat.

I put it into the 400 degree oven.  My husband likes his eggs medium and I like mine will done, so I put them in for differing lengths of time.  I was unsure, but his took about fifteen minutes and mine a few minutes more. Let it sit (rest) for a minute or two before serving as the container was so hot.

I served them in the custard cup, but he eventually lifted his out so it was easier to eat.  He suggested that next time I make a boat out of the pepper by cutting it lengthwise and then preparing as above, placing it in a gratin dish instead of the custard cup.  I will try that next time.

I did It was a yummy breakfast served with homemade onion rye bread and fresh oranges.  Elegant!


4 thoughts on “An Inspired Breakfast?

  1. Deon – looks and sounds marvelous!! I will make it for dinner for my mother. Your sentences got a little scrambled, by the way, unlike your eggs!


  2. That does sound good Deon, and I just had breakfast. Thanks for sharing.

    Our kids, and grandchildren will be here Easter Day. We’ll have something simple and it will be potluck. Coloring eggs is on the agenda too, and the kids can take them home. I try to have an activity with each visit.

    Obviously I am better…I can breath and no longer in pain. I did see a cardiologist at UW who is nearly positive my heart issue is from radiation, and I am no longer getting radiation. I was only 1/2 through the treatment. Right now, I am waiting for word from the oncologist about resuming the targeted infusion, once every 3 weeks as all the doctors are certain that hasn’t been the culprit. I know that long term, not completing radiation will affect the outcome but I also have to have a healthy heart.

    Trade offs are not easy, but I couldn’t live comfortably with that heart condition since I couldn’t do anything. I am still limited but not to a great extent. No marathons for me!’

    When is Spring going to get here?



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