Today is the BIG Day


Once a year I hang my show at the Braeburn Restaurant in Langley, Washington.  Today is the day.  I will be hanging it after hours, so tomorrow will be the first day that you will have the opportunity to see it.

In the past I have featured, trucks, barns, old gas stations, larger-than-life food items (peanut butter sandwiches 18 tall), crows and this year the feature is birds.

When my show was taken down last year, I started thinking about what I would show for 2018.  I decided to do local birds.  These paintings are in watercolor, not my usual medium, which is oil.  The really unusual thing about the paintings is they are not painted on paper, but on treated panels of medium density fibreboard (MDF). Another unusual thing about them is that they are loosely painted, not the usual photorealism of my oil paintings. This makes them more spontaneous and whimsical than my usual works.

There are twenty-five birds, a few dogs, and, yes, some trucks!  I would hope that you could visit the show sometime between July 14 and August 31. You may purchase any of the paintings and take them with you, which is nice if you are from out of town.

The Braeburn Restaurant is located at 197 D. 2nd St. Langley, WA 98260. They serve breakfast and lunch.

Their phone number is 360-321-3211.

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One thought on “Today is the BIG Day

  1. Congratulations Deon. I can’t wait to see your new style! We also love the new Braeburn, except that it is too noisy, but they’ve ordered sound absorbing panels for the ceiling. We’re anxious to see how that works as our little Baby Island Club also has a sound issue.

    Speaking of BISC, a small group of us painted the exterior which was in very bad shape. Doors still need to be painted next Mon. and the downspouts reattached. I painted the downspouts, but the way. The colors are fun and fresh. Stop in for a peek after the first of the week.

    Except for a day or two in between, we have constant company all of Aug., fitted in around our cruise to the Baltics. After returning, another couple is coming out. Why so many choose Aug. is beyond me, but that’s what happened.

    I’ll critic your show…can’t wait.



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