A new adventure

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As some of you may have gathered, I am a painter, primarily.  Painting is my life.  WordPress is my verbal form of painting with words.  It is my avocation.  Painting is my vocation.

I recently needed to have my website updated.  I contacted the webmaster that I had used quite a few years ago who built my original site to update and remodel.  She told me that there are too many place online now to create your own, editable, website.  It would be cheaper and it would allow me to update on a moments notice.  I didn’t take the plunge until I found it was time to renew the site with the host server.  Wow, now was the time to dive in a create a new, editable site.

I bit the bullet and started.  I worked and worked and worked and it wasn’t too difficult, though I had to upload and describe extensively, many of my paintings. I trudged through all the navigation buttons and wrote information about my works.  I added links to facebook and to paypal.  I set up payment accounts, newsletters, email and all the rest.  I must confess it wasn’t a bad project, one which is still being modified daily until I feel it is perfect.

However, when it came to transferring my domain and email (including forwarding to my home email) it was a bear.  I didn’t understand how any of that worked.  Fortunately, the folks at the chosen web building site were most helpful, though I feel that I must have been a real pest, bugging them all the time for over a week to get it right.  They were very patient.  After about a week and a half, where I wasn’t sure if I was even on the internet anymore, voila! there I was in all my glory.

If you get a chance and you are interested in paintings of “Vanishing Rural America” and pet portraits, to

“The Rural Gallery” or enter my name, Deon Matzen and search through the site.  You may find something you like.  Let me know what you think.  I would love to have feedback.  Is it beautiful?  Let me know.